• alisemason

Our October Visit

On October 11th we were able to take a quick trip down to Parras to visit the children at Vida Nueva. It is always such a blessing to go and be a part of the day to day happenings. This trip was very short so we weren't able to do much ministry work other than loving on the staff and children of Vida Nueva.

Some of the children who started at Vida Nueva were not only malnourished but very behind in their schooling. I am happy to report that the children are not only happy but they are healthy and excelling in their school work at this time. They work hard not just at school but also in the home doing extra studies to make sure they are where they need to be.

We are proud of each child and every staff member we have for working through hard times, big transitions and a great deal of unknown to be where they are today. Enjoy some pictures from our trip.

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