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Vida Nueva Updates

Thank you so much for your continued partnership financially and through prayer. I apologize that once again my communication has been sparse and that you haven’t had a chance to hear how the home is doing.

The children have just returned to the home to start their school year. We are so excited to have all our boys back from last year as well as two girls! They are such a blessing to us in their excitement to learn at school and at home. An introduction and more photos of each child will come soon.

With all that excitement there has also been some pretty significant changes. Karina, who has been our longtime director, got married and had a baby this year! With her new marriage and family she decided to step down from her role to move with her husband to Monterey. She continues to be involved through her family in keeping up with the children and we are more than thankful for her MANY years of service. Her departure left a huge need for someone to care for the children and the home. Glenda and Jenrri, who were married in September 2017, jumped at the chance to take over this role. Glenda moved immediately back to Parras to learn the everyday tasks and to take over. Jenrri followed not long after. We are so happy to have people in charge that understand the goals and heart of the home. Jenrri was born and raised living at Vida Nueva and Glenda lived in the home many years. They understand that loving these children is a passion and not just a job.

New Missionaries

We also welcomed in August 2018 some American missionaries from Kansas. Adam and Hannah Anderson along with their daughter Chloe have been preparing and raising funds for this move for some time. They will be staying at the home to be support help for the directors and ministering to the surrounding ranches. Their heart is to teach others about Jesus and they are starting with meeting the children’s spiritual needs. Pray for them and their family as they adjust and find ways to impact not just the children at the home but also the children and adults in all of Parras and the surrounding ranches. They will also take a primary role in communication to the home supporters. We have started a facebook page where they will update pictures and stories regularly. They will also contribute to the Vida Nueva website by posting blogs with updates and photos. I am hoping this helps you to feel more connected with the home and the children so that you can pray for us.

Please Pray!

An important aspect of ministry work is the funds that people donate to help you reach your goals. You’ve been faithful to us through many ups and downs and we are so thankful. With that said we have lost some supporters over the year and we are needing to bring in some extra funds to help take care of daily needs. If you or someone you know is interested in serving the home through giving please let me know. If you have questions about giving, how we care for the children or our goals please do not hesitate to contact us. We don’t want you to just hand out money, we want you to be connected as part of the Vida Nueva family. Come visit the home, celebrate the lives we can help and pray for those still in need.

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